Daily Menu – 8 . 1 . 16

Happy August!

Welcome to the second ever daily menu post. The first day of the new month was pretty busy for me; I had to feed my cats, read an entire Holocaust book, go to the doctor and go grab my springform pan from a friend. Okay so the first two aren’t that legitimate, but I did end up spending way more time at UIHC Family Care than I wanted to, so I got really bored and had to talk to lots of nurses and had to pay for parking…

But that’s not what this is about!


For my late breakfast (at around 10:30) I made a variation on my mango pineapple shake. Because we had strawberries, I threw a couple in to give it a sweeter flavor and a vibrant pink color. I made just a little too much (there was a little more left in the blender) so I did end up drinking some and then topping off my glass.


Instead of a legitimate lunch (I wasn’t that hungry at noon) I ended up eating a few spoonfuls of Nutella while reading a book about the Holocaust.

DSC_0013 (1)

We read this for English class in 8th grade, and I hadn’t thought much about it since, other than a chilling six word poem I wrote for an assignment (spoilers, so I’m going to leave it out). Elie Wiesel recently died, and since then I’d been checking the library catalog to see when it would be in. When a copy was finally available, I went and got it before anyone could. It’s too bad that I hadn’t thought to reread it before, but even a short book like this reveals more with each read. I finished it all in one day; not at all time consuming. I definitely recommend reading this if you feel like a reason to appreciate your life.

DSC_0016 (1)

My “lunch” at 4 PM is quite the testament to my love affair with pretty food. Yes, even when I don’t photograph my yogurt, I still like to make it aesthetically pleasing. Call me crazy, but it’s how I do things.


I’m not going to elaborate too much on dinner, because it’s eventually going to be up as its own post, but this shot is a little hint of what you’re going to get soon!

Again, I want feedback! Do y’all like reading these? Also tell me if you want more book reviews, I would love to bestow my opinion on anyone who wants it. Thanks!

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