What is this?

Sugar and Seed is where I share my love of real food and share aspects of my real life.

I’m a full time student at Northwestern University, studying Psychology and American History.  I’m also a reporter for the Daily Northwestern and I live in the great township of Evanston, IL. When I’m not busy learning about the diathesis-stress model of mental illness etiology (so, during the summer) I live with my dad in Iowa City, IA, also a great place to be.

My favorite tea is chai, I love yogurt bowls and I’m an unabashed avocado enthusiast–who needs to own a home anyways? I develop healthy recipes, document my travels and chronicle my life with mental illness and an autoimmune disorder. Trust me kids, it’s a trip.

I also love photography and work for two (2) nonprofits.

Whatever you’re here for, I hope you find it.



Why the name?

1. SUGAR is sustenance. Most of what we eat is broken down into sugar and that’s where I’m coming from with the food aspect of this blog

2. SEED is where things begin. In a new city, living a new life, learning about new things…. planting a seed. Alternate meaning: I want to PLANT A SEED in everyone’s mind about mental health, my other passion.

Peace, love and chips and salsa,


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